Cootie Catcher

“Paper Fortune Teller.” Wikipedia, 15 Dec. 2017. Public Domain image:

Behold! This, this, is a cootie catcher, miraculous handheld oracle crafted of A4 paper folded in a precise pattern that results in a more or less three-dimensional rhomboid.

To forge this most magickal implement of high sorcery:

  1. Lay flat one standard, 8″x11″ sheet of paper, the kind used in copiers and printers.
  2. Draw the top corners together into a triangle, leaving a couple of inches at bottom.
  3. Mate the corners again to create a smaller triangle. Remove the leftover paper and discard.
  4. Unfold the remaining into a Blintz Base, or square.
  5. Pull each corner to center, turn the paper over, and fold the other side’s corners in the same way.
  6. Bend the corners at the center again to create niches in the four corners for thumbs and fingers.
  7. As desired, label internal facets, external facets, and under innermost leaves.
  8. Finally: believe and bear witness.